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Down the Rabbit Hole… February 27, 2008

Posted by Tomo in alice in wonderland, fun, LBB, Locations.
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Azriel has been busy making Queen and King of Hearts outfits, so I thought it would be fitting to put on my take on the White Rabbit look and get a shot in the upside down tearoom in our home.

Down the rabbit hole

Info on the look after the cut.

The look:

Skin: Custom, not for sale

Hair: Curl up and dye, Nellie in white (SLURL,URL )

Eyes:NOMINE Starburst Blue Contacts (couldn’t find in main store) (SLURL)

Ears: *=Hybrid v2=* Basic Mythic Ears Light (SLURL ,URL )

Hat with rabbit ears, Dress: From the **SF** MAD HATTER’S BALL set by Slanted Fox, socks and shoes not shown.

Socks: Hight socks with lace from the [Ohlala!!] Gothic Lolita – Socks Set2 (SLURL ,URL )

Boots: (Shiny Things) Sleek laceup boots 2.0 – white (SLURL ,URL )

Snakebite piercing: Custom, not for sale

Rings: Left hand – LBB Harmonic Convergence wedding band (custom, not for sale); right hand, LBB Caurea Mela ring

Both made by Little Boy Blue (aka me). (SLURL, URL)

That should be about it.

Love, Tomo



1. Azriel Demain - February 27, 2008

My beautiful white rabbit ❤

2. Sakito, a bunyip - February 28, 2008

*hangs upside down with the Master and makes little NON DUCK noises… like the bat he is.*

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