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New Release! March 2, 2008

Posted by Tomo in LBB.
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I am very pleased with this item – or these items, I should say.
‘Tori’ – one part piercings, one part silks – a little of both, but so much more. Each item is scripted to provide you with many options via a popup menu when clicked. Bought in your choice of satin or lace ribbons, each has 2 colours of metal, 11 texture colours, and can be tinted from there.
You get pierced panties in all 11 colours on both pants and underwear layers – and the following attachments: pierced veil (held on by brow piercings), navel piercing (with gem change choices), chest (throat, pec and nipple – sized for both men and women), upper arm, thighs, shoulders, and pubic mound.
Also available – the navel piercings and veils separately. Mod for easy fitting, transfer for gifts!
Available only at the main store of Little Boy Blue – upstairs at the jewelry counter!
Pose stand included for your convenience! But enough of that, onto the eye candy~!











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