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Happy rezday to me ^^ May 21, 2008

Posted by Tomo in fun, LBB.

I have a ton of new items for sale to flood you all with, but before that, I wanted to do this ^^.

Two years ago today, I was in a relationship that was going on close to a decade. My now ex talked me into joining this game he had been playing, Second Life. I say reluctantly because up to that point all I had seen of male avatars in online games had been bulky fighter types, awkward at best, not my type. But he told me this was much more flexible, so I gave it a shot. I could finally be as I wanted to represent myself; a small, rather effete male.

Now it’s two years later. I don’t speak to that ex any more, after a very messy break up.

But I am far from alone. I have walking next to me the most amazing friend and partner anyone could ever have in any world, Azriel Demain. I couldn’t have done it without my rose. I certainly wouldn’t be here today, much less where I am now, in either world.

I want to thank everyone who has touched my life over the past two years. Special thanks also go to Azrael Welesa, Morion Chaika, Sakito Nakamichi, hyasynth Tiramisu, Achariya Maktoum, Stokely Mayfair, VincentVile DeSantis, my rainboi family and my loyal friends and supporters in my various groups. All the names I could list that have touched my life is far too long to list.

As a token of my gratitude, I am offering for a short time a gift.

Somewhere on one of the /two/ floors in my main store, Little Boy Blue, I am offering several gifts in a box. Look for my birthday cake; stand beside it and say ‘Happy rezday, Tomo!’ (without the quotes) and you will receive the present ^^.

I’m not sure how long I will leave this out, so get it while it’s hot!

(As a hint, the present contains one decor item and two wearables. Everything else is a secret!)

SLURL to my mainstore here.



1. Azriel Demain - May 21, 2008

Happy rez day sweetheart ^_^ And many more to come.

2. hyasynth - May 21, 2008

happy rez day fuzzy bum *bleats!* and *horn nuzzles* you until you beg for mercy.

3. Sakito, a bunyip - May 21, 2008

Happy rezday, Master! I’m so glad You’re here with us. ❤

4. achariya - May 21, 2008

Awwwww, how lovely ❤ Thank you, Tomo. Happy rez day !

5. amusingly - May 28, 2008

amusingly says : I absolutely agree with this !

6. Ceesaid Lunardi - June 1, 2008

Happy Rezday Tomo! Wish I had found this earlier, but at least I know about it now! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next ^.^

7. Bonnet - June 18, 2008

Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

cheers, Bonnet

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