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New items at Little Boy Blue~! August 3, 2008

Posted by Tomo in jewelry, LBB.
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So many rings, so little time~!

LBB is proud to announce releases of many new rings, all varying degrees of unisex (depending on your inclination), and transferable, perfect for gift-giving! All rings bought at LBB are already pre-boxed in gift boxes with bows, so you can give them as is, or pick up one of the free gift bags at the main store for a perfect and thoughtful gift for that special avatar~!

Now, into the rings!
Crux, a lovely unisex band, platinum accented with a gold cross.

Crux unisex ring

Crux unisex ring

Eien ni, a beautiful ring featuring the ancient Japanese art of mokume-gane, usually reserved for weapons; now taken into jewelry.
LBB Eien ni ring

LBB Eien ni ring

LBB’s newest ring, ‘Infinity’, a fully primmed non-sculpted wonder of carefully aligned prims to encircle yours or a loved one’s finger. Makes a wonderful gift!
LBB infinity ring

LBB infinity ring

Melda is something rarely seen in SL – a pinky ring! This one features a small dangle accented with a jewel. A unique and treasured gift.
LBB Melda ring

LBB Melda ring

Nox – a one of a kind ring inspired by a one of a kind man. Eternal and singularly captivating, like the avatar the ring was brought into being for.
LBB Nox ring

LBB Nox ring

All available at the LBB main store in FallnAngel Creations.



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