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New jewelry at LBB! Gothic wedding set and Ivanneth Circlet! October 17, 2008

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We’ve been very busy, and have some things ready to show you! More on the way!

Hot off the building board, a gothic version of our Ullu’me wedding set, titled Ullu’me Fuin. Perfect for those with darker love, in tungsten with ruby and diamond accents.

You can purchase the wedding band by itself, or if you wish to propose to your beloved, we have that taken care of as well. In a special red and black wedding ring box, you can offer them both the engagement ring, and the engagement ring with wedding ring attached as one piece. They will be taken care of up through the big day and beyond!

Do you have the ring? Go directly to them!

Now for something completely different, the Ivanneth elven circlet.

Beautiful, unisex, wearable, and delicate without being overly fussy. It features a popup menu on touch so you can choose from 12 metals and 12 stones – and up to 3 different metals and 4 different stone textures can be used at the same time. You can match practically any outfit and go as simple or complex as you wish!

Get your new circlet by teleporting here!

As always all of our items are bling free, enjoy!

We are proud to announce our new shop in Little Yoshiwara, a lovely Edo Era Japanese Sim and Geisha school. Visit me there where I have many of my asian inspired funiture designs and more on display.

Little Boy Blue at Little Yoshiwara

Little Boy Blue Main Shop


Jareth’s labyrinth now open June 24, 2008

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The goblin king extends you his invitation to wander the depths of his labyrinth – don’t keep him waiting!

The Goblin King

FallnAngel Creations Presents:
Jareth’s Labyrinth!

Jareth has lost his balls… er…. rather.. There are 31 Crystal Balls lost in the Labyrinth!

You have to solve the Labyrinth and find the Crystal Balls before the time runs out!

The hunt begins: June 20th at 12:01am slt and ends: June 26th at 11:59pm slt. Anyone cheating will be BANNED -no exceptions!-

The Hunt Prizes were Created/Donated by:

FallnAngel Creations
Little Boy Blue
Sinfull Creations
Fortaelia Furnishings

Full rules may be obtained by simply entering Jareth’s Labyrinth.

Jareth’s throne by Little Boy Blue, not yet released! (Keep bugging me to do it!)

Jareth hair, Jareth Magic dance outfit (including gloves, crop, boots and necklace), and Jareth skin all available at FallnAngel Creations.

Down the Rabbit Hole… February 27, 2008

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Azriel has been busy making Queen and King of Hearts outfits, so I thought it would be fitting to put on my take on the White Rabbit look and get a shot in the upside down tearoom in our home.

Down the rabbit hole

Info on the look after the cut.