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Little Boy Blue featured on SLCN TV’s Fabulous Fashion! October 20, 2008

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Little Boy Blue was proud to be featured on SLCN TV and Fabulous Fashion. Check it out here:


LBB invites you to visit the main shop where you can see all of our latest releases. We have many wonderful things in store for you from fine jewelry to asian inspired furniture, bellydance finery, the most realistic flowers you will find anywhere for your hair or home, and much more. See you there!

Little Boy Blue Main Store


New jewelry at LBB! Gothic wedding set and Ivanneth Circlet! October 17, 2008

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We’ve been very busy, and have some things ready to show you! More on the way!

Hot off the building board, a gothic version of our Ullu’me wedding set, titled Ullu’me Fuin. Perfect for those with darker love, in tungsten with ruby and diamond accents.

You can purchase the wedding band by itself, or if you wish to propose to your beloved, we have that taken care of as well. In a special red and black wedding ring box, you can offer them both the engagement ring, and the engagement ring with wedding ring attached as one piece. They will be taken care of up through the big day and beyond!

Do you have the ring? Go directly to them!

Now for something completely different, the Ivanneth elven circlet.

Beautiful, unisex, wearable, and delicate without being overly fussy. It features a popup menu on touch so you can choose from 12 metals and 12 stones – and up to 3 different metals and 4 different stone textures can be used at the same time. You can match practically any outfit and go as simple or complex as you wish!

Get your new circlet by teleporting here!

As always all of our items are bling free, enjoy!

We are proud to announce our new shop in Little Yoshiwara, a lovely Edo Era Japanese Sim and Geisha school. Visit me there where I have many of my asian inspired funiture designs and more on display.

Little Boy Blue at Little Yoshiwara

Little Boy Blue Main Shop

Feature Item: Merskeleton Necklance now available in store! October 15, 2008

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It went over to rave reviews at the Jewelry Expo, now it’s available at Little Boy Blue’s main store – The Merskeleton Necklace!

A fully primmed Merskelly – no alphas! Unisex and resizable via a popup menu – no more worrying about tiny prims and modding to your size! This unique quirky little peice will get you noticed. Come see!

Just released at LBB Gaia and Luna Earrings! October 13, 2008

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Even though Little Boy Blue is not open to custom orders (except for inscriptions on your jewelry) at this time, we are always happy to hear your suggestions. Recently, we have been asked by several of you if we would make matching earrings for Luna and Gaia, two of our more popular and unusual necklaces.

LBB was inspired to do just that and we are happy to present these delicate pieces that compliment their artisan necklaces perfectly.

Here they are together! First up the ephemeral Luna pair.

And now the earthy and sensual Gaia set!

Find them here at the main shop:

Little Boy Blue Earrings

Little Boy Blue Necklaces

In other news Little Boy Blue will be featured on ‘Fabulous Fashion’ on slcn tv! Our accessories were so popular at the recent Jewelry Expo we’ll be on the show soon. Check it out, we’re honnored and excited to be included.

As always LBB is your headquarters for fine jewelry, asian inspired furniture, with many other works of art for your body and home. Visit us today and walk out with something beautiful made just for you!

Little Boy Blue Main Store

Rings, necklaces and merskeletons!? Oh my, what’s new at Little Boy Blue! October 9, 2008

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What a fabulous week for new releases and exciting happenings at Little Boy Blue. We have so many lovely new creations for you to check out including a very special LBB signature piece and October’s Ring of the month! Snuggle up with some hot chocolate and get ready for some fantastic fall finery!

If you haven’t heard yet there’s a special event happening in Secondlife this week; a delightful Jewelry Exposition where it is rumored that LBB is the most popular booth! It’s no wonder with the release of an amazing signature item created just for the Expo – the LBB Merskeleton Necklace! 

This marvelously detailed necklace was made to be featured at the Jewelry Expo and inspired by their aquatic theme. Once a mysterious under-sea creature this Merskeleton is fully primmed with a highly detailed sculpty skull. This no-bling sterling silver work of magic seems to shimmer about your neck. No need to adjust complicated prims either, one touch and your new wearable art will fit you perfectly!

The Expo ends Saturday October 11th, 2008 so don’t wait. The Merskeleton will be available in our main store after the Expo ends, but the special Expo price won’t be. Be sure to visit the Little Boy Blue display for this one of a kind design, and take in all that the sparkling Expo has to offer.

Teleport now to get your Merskeleton and see LBB at the Jewelry Expo! 

That isn’t all dear readers, oh no. This week at Little Boy Blue we also have more new jewelry for you to appease your shiny fetish with. Check out the ring of the month for October – Culina!

Culina is a sensual platinum and fire opal ring that resonates with a perfect balance of serpentine grace and visual appeal, sure to mesmerize all who dare to wear this seductive band. October is stunning!

Speaking of ‘Balance’ that is the name of our newest unisex ring.

This exceptional band is an intoxicating mix of 18 carat gold and platinum whose burnished and matte textures are intertwined to create a perfect subtle balance in this simple yet elegant ring.

Also fresh this week we have two sterling silver and 14 carat gold BDSM Triskele Necklaces.

The Bold Triskele Necklace is perfect for larger avatars or those who wish a more Dominant voice!

The subtle Triskele necklace is perfect for smaller avatars or those wishing a quieter voice.

As always, LBB’s jewelry is bling free and comes in a hand-crafted box, perfect gift giving! These amazing designs and so much more await you at our Jewelry Expo booth, and our main shop. Visit us today and walk away with art you can wear and a part of your dreams brought to life by Little Boy Blue!

Little Boy Blue Main Store

LBB@Jewelry Exposition

New Tiger Lily Hairflower released at Little Boy Blue! September 29, 2008

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We’re rolling out a new crisp art deco look here at Little Boy Blue, but that isn’t stopping us from churning out new items! Just released, the LBB Tiger Lily Hairflower! A sculpted highly realistic flower, perfect for any occasion! Tuck behind your ear, or in a chic bun, to complete your look! Check it out:

Little Boy Blue specializes in realistic sculpts and exquisite jewelry with such fine attention to detail you will be astonished. Visit the shop as we implement our new look and discover all of the wonderful items we have available for you. Here are just a few examples of the Master crafted finery waiting for you at LBB! (Click the thumbs to view larger images.)

Blue Iris Hairflower
Gothic Bellydance Set
Sculpted Perfume Bottles
Japanese Noren
Luna Statement Necklace
Low Inlay Table
Tori Piercing Silks
Rachel Bellydance Headdress

Visit us in Secondlife today! Little Boy Blue Main Store

New at LBB: Ullu’me wedding band and matching engagement rings! September 22, 2008

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Love is in the air at Little Boy Blue! Check out our new wedding sets!

Your choice of the Ullu’me wedding band by itself, or as a set with a matching engagement ring included! The latter even comes with the engagement ring by itself so you can pop the big question!

As a special touch your beautiful rings come in a special custom box with ribbon and an engraved metal disk with the words, ‘Marry Me’. LBB is honoured to help make your dreams of your perfect day come true.

Available in Amethyst, Emerald, Honey Topaz, Mystic Topaz, Onyx, Ruby, and Sapphire. See pictures of the beautiful sets below:

See these and many more unique designs in the shop. From Asian inspired furniture and master crafted jewelry to our new wedding sets, you’ll find your heart’s desire at Little Boy Blue, visit today!

Little Boy Blue Main Store

New jewelry at Little Boy Blue! September 19, 2008

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Inspired lately to create some beautiful designs you are sure to enjoy the latest jewelry created by Little Boy Blue!

You will love our new artisan necklace in the tones of Mother Earth herself. ‘Gaia’ features a copper-wrapped ring of lapidary azurite on a strand of beads in malachite, lapis, raw moonstone, opal and turquoise!

The other newest release is a fabulous ring design called ‘Shroud’. It features an onyx cameo with a grinning ivory skull wearing a tophat, surrounded by roses, with inset rubies for eyes. The setting is pewter. Inspired by ‘Shroud’ himself, Aoi Watanabe. One of my favourite muses.

See these and many more unusual designs in the shop. From Asian inspired furniture and belly dance finery to these unique pieces, you’ll find your desires at Little Boy Blue, visit today!

Little Boy Blue Main Store

New releases~! September 11, 2008

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I’ll let the images speak for themselves! *grin*

LBB Zoe arm jewelry

LBB Zoe choker and earrings

LBB Zoe headdress

More updates! September 11, 2008

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New at Little Boy Blue – hairflowers and a new ring!

All LBB hairflowers are carefully sculpted and textured for realism, and all jewelry and hairflowers come gift-boxed and transferable, perfect for gifts.

Onto the pictures, since I know that’s what you really want! *grin*